Jeff Ruby’s songs are inspired by a lifetime’s worth of experience.  As a solo artist, the Indiana-born troubadour tells stories of hard living, societal issues, and perseverance.  His songs reveal him to be a songwriter with rare authenticity and grace.  

Jeff grew up on a farm in rural Indiana. He was drawn to moody Seattle grunge bands and anthemic Brit-pop acts, both key influences.  Jeff spent hours teaching himself to play guitar.  

Fueled by success in the stock market, he began drinking recklessly in college, and music was replaced with the pursuit of a business degree.  After a few years, the lifestyle left him entirely burnt out and looking to reconnect with his passion for music.   

In 2004, Jeff relocated to Orange Beach, Alabama, where he quit drinking and began writing songs.  He cut his teeth at an open mic and landed a paying gig.  

Eventually, Jeff moved up to Nashville, with a guitar and a few songs.  He released his first EP ‘Beyond The Pale’ in 2010.  Since then, he has maintained a prolific run of performances and albums.